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Saigon School Bus Ltd. is dedicated to driving the future of school transportation with innovation and integrity

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Our approach merges the reliability of traditional school buses with the efficiency of cutting-edge technology, creating a safer and more streamlined experience for students, parents, and schools alike.

We’re volunteers offering innovative school bus management solutions for schools across the region


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Our visions

Transforming school transportation with cutting-edge innovation, unparalleled safety, and efficiency.

Apply new technology solutions for school bus

We aim to set the standard for school bus services by leveraging cutting-edge technology

Safer and more connected community. ​

We envision a future where every school, parent, and student can trust in a seamless, transparent,

Safer and more connected community. ​

By integrating advanced real-time tracking, we strive to be the leading provider of school bus services,

School bus management solutions​

Schools that operate their own bus fleets or partner with external school bus service providers
often encounter various challenges with traditional school bus systems

Schools that operate their own bus fleets or partner with external school bus service providers
often encounter various challenges with traditional school bus systems

Parent app features

Packed with features designed to ensure peace of mind and convenience for parents. It offers real-time bus tracking, instant attendance notifications, and easy access to student information and schedules. Parents can quickly contact the bus monitor, bus coordinator, or school, manage multiple children’s transportation .

Bus staff app features

The Bus Staff App streamlines operations with online attendance marking, and emergency protocols. It allows staff to manage compliance documents, access updated bus lists and student info, and communicate efficiently with parents and administrators. Secure login ensures reliability and ease of use.

Admin portal features

Portal offers comprehensive features to manage school transportation efficiently. It provides real-time insights into fleet locations, driver compliance, route efficiency, and student attendance report. Easily import bus routes, student, and parent information securely, manage staff documents, and update compliance records.

School bus services

We provide safe, reliable, and efficient school bus services designed to ensure the well-being of students and peace of mind for parents and schools

Our modern fleet is selected & equipped with advanced features

Including real-time GPS tracking, allowing parents and schools to monitor bus locations and ensure timely pick-ups and drop-offs. .

Safety is our top priority

Our drivers/monitors are thoroughly vetted, undergo regular training, and adhere to strict safety protocols. Our vehicles are maintained to a high standard and meet all the operational requirements.

We offer an innovative School Bus Management System

This system includes a Parent App, Bus Staff App, and an Admin Portal, all designed to enhance the overall efficiency and communication of school transportation.

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